Look What You Can Buy at eBay and Craigslist: It’s California!

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To try and balance the California state budget, the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger is emptying storage warehouses and rounding up anything worth selling. Lots of things that don’t seem worth selling too, or at least that don’t seem like they’d fetch much money at auction, such as coat racks, box cutters, and belt buckles. No matter. They’re all heading to eBay, Craigslist, and other auction venues.

From the LA Times:

Need a 2001 Ford Focus wagon with 110,059 miles and Schwarzenegger’s autograph on the visor? Someone did, offering the high bid of $1,625.01 for the old state car as of Tuesday afternoon…

The state began selling unneeded or unclaimed items online last week and is holding a two-day auction of 6,000 more on Friday and Saturday at a Sacramento warehouse.

In the market for seven used State of California coat racks? You could snap them up at $5 each — or buy six and get one free. A pearl ring in 10-carat gold with diamond accents drew a high bid of $46 on EBay on Tuesday. Earrings were selling for $51.