IKEA: Where the Chinese Go to Hang Out, Drink Free Soda, and Take Naps

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Americans know that IKEA can be a great place for a cheap date—with free babysitting included via the Smaland childcare center. At an IKEA store in Beijing, however, thousands of Chinese shoppers take the IKEA experience a step further.

Shoppers—or visitors, really, because lots of times there’s no buying happening—are known to snuggle into display beds and read books or catch a little shuteye. They love the Western novelties like free soda refills, air-conditioning, and the fact that no one yells at kids for jumping on the furniture. They take photos of each other posing at sleek breakfast nooks and on cozy couches. They make a day of it.

Hey, it’s all free, right? More power to them. Read more at an LA Times story.