Road trip photos

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I took this photo (in Fallon, Nev.) in honor of Felix Salmon. I didn’t realize that Tim “King Fish” Salmon was a semi-legendary Angels player. Because I’m an A’s fan, and we A’s fans aren’t entirely clear that the Angels exist. So let’s just say it’s baseball great Felix Salmon and leave it that.

Across the street from the Felix Salmon homage was this:


Someday I will buy half a beef. But not this summer.

The next day we were at a famous breakfast joint in Salina, Utah (the portions were obscenely large, and the “scones” were weird, if moderately tasty):


Not long after breakfast, Curious Capitalist Jr. took this shot on I-70:


And now, after much driving, we’re in Lake City, Colorado, seen here behind Curious Capitalist Jr. and Uncle Curious Capitalist (whose wifi is enabling this post).


Coming soon: Kansas! Missouri! The Quad Cities!