Why Hybrid Cars Are Worth It, If You’re Cashing In Your Clunker or Not

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To hybrid or not to hybrid. As a car buyer, you look at the sticker prices and gas mileage stats for two similar cars. One (the hybrid) is more expensive but gets better mileage. The other is cheaper to buy, but you’ll have to fill ‘er up more often. So you’re left wondering: Is it worth it to pay more upfront for the hybrid?

The answer, in most cases, is yes, according to a recent study that estimated costs of various cars over five years and 70,000 miles. Take a close look at the data, however. Some hybrids are much better buys, with far more impressive fuel efficiency, than others.

And get this: The researchers also studied clean-diesel automobiles, and they turned out to save the most money of all for car owners.