Finally, a Modest Limo for the Newly Less Rich

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A new Rolls-Royce limo model called the Ghost is $135,000 less than an older model, the Phantom. The “cheaper” and “less ostentatious” model that’s being called a “recession-ready limousine” can now be yours for a mere $245,000.

Does it seem ironic that both of these cars are named after creatures that are dead—spirits and wraiths that belong to a different age but still roam the earth, haunting those of us dealing with the real world? Just a thought.

If you’re interested in a “cheaper” limo, perhaps you also might want to teach rich children that the “trust-afarian” lifestyle (kids living off trust funds) may be a thing of the past. A Times story gives advice on how to teach rich kids that they’re not so rich anymore.