What We’re Buying More of During the Recession

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With few exceptions, people are spending less nowadays. Spending is down on everything from home improvement to organic milk to Mother’s Day gifts. So, obviously, the recession affects the way all sorts of people—such as an unemployed couple, a sports CEO, an ER doctor, and others profiled in a Time package—make decisions about how, what, and when to buy. But there are exceptions to the spend-less rule. What sorts of things are we actually spending more on of late?

Think escapism. Think mini-splurge. Think stress relievers. People are going out less for splashy nights on the town. They’re staying in for romantic nights at home instead. Hence, condom sales are up. So are donuts, which might be considered escapist, splurge-y stress relievers all in one. Where else is business booming during the recession?