The Queen, Amish Latest to Experience Economic Troubles

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Apparently, some members of the Amish community in Indiana have been living beyond their means, buying second homes in Florida, splurging on fancy horses, and pimping out their carriages with velvet and LED lighting.

After the recession and widespread job layoffs, all the overspending has caught up with the community, much like it has with so many other Americans. The local Amish trust has stopped loaning money, and communities are now scaling back on spending and pushing a “back to basics” mentality. Check out the WSJ story here.

Meanwhile, the Queen of England says she is running out of money, and she’s asking the British government to double her income. Based on comments from readers of The Independent, the public’s not too sympathetic about the Queen’s cry for help. Here’s one comment:

Millions out of work,and she wants more!!!
The awful class system in Britain is a direct result of privilege, from which the Queen and her family continue to defend.
The French at the end of the 18th century seem to have had a good idea, when they charged the Bastille in Paris, and we all know what happened next!