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I’m the guest tonight. Seriously. I’m filling in for poor Henry Waxman, who had to go to the hospital (he’s feeling better now, though).

Update: It’s all on tape now, and I think it went well. Stewart asks more intelligent questions than pretty much anybody on TV. And now for the information you’ve all been waiting for. The contents of my Daily Show swag bag:

6 boxes of Altoids (3 small, 3 full-sized)

4 boxes of Wrigley’s 5 gum

3 big cans of Starbucks doubleshot energy + coffee drink

an extra-large Daily Show T-short

a Daily Show baseball cap

2 Daily Show bags

a bottle of Hornitos reposado tequila

a packet of Serendipity 3 Frrrozen Hot Cherry Chocolate Mix

several gift certificates, including one for a free photo session for my pet (do they do guinea pigs?)