Friday nights are for underpopulated travel photos

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I’m sitting in the Phoenix Airport, waiting for the redeye back to NYC. Why was I in Phoenix? To attend the graduation ceremony for the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Why would I do that? Well, they recite something at the Thunderbird graduation that seemed the basis of a good column. We’ll see about that, but for now I have photos. First, Phoenix at sunset:


That’s from the deck of Different Pointe of View, a restaurant with a really bad name but a great view. It’s part of the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. Don’t worry, I didn’t stay there. I stayed at the Hampton Inn next to the new football stadium in Glendale. This is what “next to” means in Arizona (it’s taken from the hotel’s front parking lot):


And this was the swell view from my room on the back side of the hotel:


And finally, from before I got to Phoenix: The Encounter at LAX always looks like it might take off into space. But now it looks as if it is actually being readied for takeoff.


Someday I might actually post photos with people in them. Then again, I might not.