Consoling ourselves through blogging when Serwer and Sloan get the cover

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Okay, so I totally missed this. Here’s Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore, talking to the New York Post’s Keith Kelly a little over a week ago:

Moore pointed to the recent Time cover story, “How Wall Street Sold Out America,” which was written by Fortune magazine’s top editor, Andy Serwer, and noted economic and Fortune columnist Allan Sloan.

That kind of cross-magazine sharing on the editorial side was virtually unheard of in the past, and marked the first time that a managing editor of one magazine contributed and co-wrote a cover story on another title.

Moore also dropped some broad hints that the Fortune-Time experiment could be a blueprint for the future.

“Time was happy – it got two great writers for its cover. Who was unhappy? Maybe Time’s five business writers, but they got to blog on the topic,” said Moore.

Gee, I think that’s a reference to Barbara and me–all five of us. And we did get to blog on the topic. I for one was more than happy with the arrangement, and I really liked Andy and Allan’s story. But I am somewhat mystified that Ann keeps bringing up the Serwer/Sloan article and never mentions the one I wrote in return for Fortune a couple weeks later. The only possible explanation: She reads TIME religiously, but never quite gets around to Fortune.