The bailout lives. The Senate will vote Wednesday

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Reports Jay Newton-Small. She continues:

I’m told the bill will likely pass the Senate even though it will have to garner 60 votes, which means the hurdle remains the House.

I’m still waiting to hear if the ‘Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008,’ is identical to the bill the House failed to pass Monday. But, I’m told that with Chris Cox’s mark-to-market changes today, the addition of the FDIC ceiling increase and the popular $13 billion tax extenders, the bill should win enough GOP votes to pass the House. “We think will have substantial appeal to House Republicans,” said one GOP House leadership aide. “Boehner was consulted and gave the green light.”

Update: Now Jay has a story up about changing sentiment on the Hill:

Most members explained their votes opposing the bill Monday as a reflection of their constituents’ anger about a rescue package for Wall Street. “Since the vote, it’s about half and half,” Representative Tim Murphy, a Pennsylvania Republican who voted against the bill, says of the calls coming into his office. “Half say, Do something — I’m worried about my business or my retirement; and the other half still say, Don’t vote for the bailout.”