More dads want to stay home

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When I write about work-family issues, I deliberately try to avoid assigning them only to women. That’s because I know too many men among my peers who struggle with the same things: spending more time with their kids; arranging flexible work options; doing quality work while raising kids who don’t set fire to the guidance couselor’s car.

It’s one reason why I coerced my colleague Lev Grossman into cowriting a magazine article with me last year about this new generation of dads. It’s also the reason I’m not surprised by the results of this new survey from that finds 37% of dads with jobs say they’d gladly stay home if the spouse could support the family on her own. Other findings:

• 37% of working dads said they are willing to take a pay cut to spend more time with their children.
• 42% would take a pay cut of 10% or more.

Office time cuts into family time:
• 22% of working dads said their jobs have had a negative impact on their relationships with their children, with time management playing a role in the disruption of precious family time;
• 46% of working dads said they have missed a significant event in their child’s life in the last year due to work;
• 26% said they have missed more than three.

It’s harder than ever to leave the office at the office:
• 25% of working dads stated that they work more than 50 hours a week;
• 24% said they bring work home at least once, if not more, a week.

How much time are dads spending with the tots?
• 47% of working dads said they spend fewer than three hours a day with their children during the work week;
• 22% said they spend less than two hours;
• 6% are only able to spend an hour.

Are you a working dad who wants to stay home, or are you married to one?