10 best cities for recent college graduates

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I recently did a little piece on the Today Show on this topic. In the 120 seconds allotted me, I managed to squeeze in one source citation for the survey—and not the other. A very nice lady from Apartments.com contacted me to let me know I’d forgotten to mention its equal participation in the “10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates.”

Apartments.com and CBcampus.com evaluated the availability of entry-level job openings, rental prices for one-bedroom apartments and large resident populations of young adults in their early 20s to determine the top 10 cities for recent college grads. Here they are again, with average apartment rental prices for one-bedrooms:

1. Philadelphia, $962

2. Boston, $1,343

3. New York, $1,520

4. Phoenix, $741

5. Chicago, $1,029

6. Dallas-Fort Worth, $755

7. Los Angeles, $1,435

8. Houston, $778

9. Detroit, $699

10. Atlanta, $773

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