This just in: Jeter to intern at TIME

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Kidding. Come on. Of course I’m kidding. But I thought this item was a joke, too:

REPORTING FOR DUTY: Sean Avery started his internship at Vogue on Monday, and already staffers at Condé Nast Publications Inc. are buzzing about the New York Ranger star’s presence at 4 Times Square. Observers say he’s involved in all sections of the magazine, including features and accessories, and attends edit meetings.

But then this caught my eye:

And while Avery pulled down $2 million last year with the Rangers, he’s earning minimum wage for his time at Vogue, a magazine spokesman confirmed, denying speculation Avery was being paid $5,000 for his summer job.

!!! A magazine paying $5,000 for a summer internship? Jaysus, I’m in the wrong line of work. Wait a minute; this is my line of work.