Career advice for college grads

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Here’s the segment I was on this morning on the Today Show. I’m on first, but stay tuned for the other experts; their advice is really sound, and plus they look better on TV. I cited‘s list of top cities, for which the CareerBuilder offshoot looked at the availability of rentals and jobs, coupled with my own research on hot job sectors, top employers and unemployment rates. They were:

1. Philadelphia: cost of one-bedroom rental, $962
2. Boston: $1,343
3. New York: $1,520
4. Phoenix: $741
5. Chicago: $1,029

Note my enormous preggo bloat. The crew guy who clipped my microphone on worried I’d topple off the stool. I worried they’d have to go to a wide-angle lens. I assured Meredith Viera I’d try not to go into labor on set, but in retrospect, that would have made for a memorable segment, wouldn’t it? Messy, though. Watch. Be kind.