It’s raining in Omaha

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Got in last night for the big Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting. They’re expecting more than 30,000 people this year, up from about 27,000 last, and way up from the 450 who showed up in 1986 or the 7,500 who came in 1996.

Even though it’s raining,there’s that Warren Buffett/Charlie Munger excitement in the air. Last night, the Avis (Avis!) car rental counter was hopping with shareholders–twice as many clerks on duty as usual.

Also, a little excitement on the plane: there were about 15 agricultural students from Denmark heading to Nebraska to visit farms. Oh, yeah, that other thing they have here… I very proudly told them “Hej!” Then one of them explained that it’s actually pronounced “hi”– which makes me call into question this whole notion of learning other languages. We really are more the same than we are different.