Greetings from beautiful downtown Austin

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This was the view from Congress Street this morning. I was a little surprised at the Hummer. Are they allowed here?

I’m on my first-ever visit to Austin to do an interview with former UT roommates John Mackey (co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods) and Kip Tindell (co-founder and CEO of the Container Store). That’ll happen about an hour-and-a-half from now.

On the recommendation of friends, I walked down to Las Manitas Avenue Cafe for breakfast.


I wasn’t very adventurous: I just ordered the huevos rancheros. They didn’t look like much, but man they were good. There’s an important divide in American life that is too little discussed, the breakfast divide. Breakfast is just dramatically better west of the Mississippi than east of it. Why is that? Anybody got any theories?

Finally, here’s the famous Congress Avenue Bridge. It’s famous because lots of bats live under it. Not a lot of them out and about at 7:30 a.m., though.