This just in: Obama supports Obama

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I’ve long aspired to work for The Onion. Only I hear their dental plan isn’t as good.

But this ain’t no spoof. It’s fo real. Barack Obama has a new constituency: a town in Japan called, yes, Obama. From The Guardian:

As the race for the nomination heated up, the town’s tourism office received a stream of calls from locals wishing Obama well. On Super Tuesday, supporters nervously clutched photos of Obama as they watched the results come in at their makeshift headquarters in a hotel, whose lobby is currently home to a large portrait of the candidate.

Funniest kicker, from AngryAsianMan:

The cities of McCain and Clinton could not be reached for comment.

Not to be outdone, says,

the employees of a farming and construction machinery maker in southern Japan are cheering for the candidate whose first name is the same as one of the transportation machines they build and sell: the “Hillary.”

This video ad for some T-shirt maker in Japan randomly chooses the names of the candidates to translate into kanji characters:

Hillary = First Lady, equality and office holder.
Obama = hero, wing and truth.
McCain = truth, mind, both houses.
Huckabee = he who lost 50 kg without surgery.

Just kidding about the last one. They didn’t translate the Arkansas guv’s name.