The dawn of a new comments regime

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The Curious Capitalist has just been upgraded to a new version of Movable Type that requires commenters to sign in. This is not because any of you have been naughty or anything (yeah, there were a few bad words in the great FairTax debate, but that was understandable). It’s because the old version of Movable Type was no longer much good at keeping out spam comments. I’ve been having to delete 30 or 40 a day. Which was interesting: While my comrade Poniewozik claims to have gotten mostly penis-enlargement spam, mine seemed to be oriented more toward Italian-language porn offers. But anyway, deleting them probably wasn’t the optimal use of my time.

So, sorry for the sign-in hassle. But it’s a one-time thing. At least until the next upgrade, when we start requiring retinal scans.