Headache alert: upgraded (read newly buggy) WiP

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Folks, we here at Time.com are “upgrading” to a new version of our blogging tool. It’s proving monstrously buggy, particularly in the comments arena. Our blog hero Malik is working out the kinks, so this is me begging you to grit your teeth and plug in the info needed to create an account so we can all keep benefiting from your wise and pithy comments.

Why not do away with the cumbersome step, you ask? One reason for our upgrade is that we Time.com bloggers have been drowning in spam, and this helps us tamp down the offers for penile enhancements and Italian porn you regularly have to slog through to read the legitimate comments.

So apologies in advance for the headache. Do come back. And do keep posting. Without your feedback, mine is just another tedious online soapbox.