Madison photo album

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I came back from Madison Thursday night (somewhat shockingly, my trip via O’Hare encountered no delays) but have been laid low by a Wisconsin cold ever since. So now I’m finally getting around to posting the leftover photos from my visit to the city whose mayor hopes to make it the most progressive city in America. (I would have thought it was already there, but whatever.)

To begin with, here’s the campus from high up in the House That Vitamin D Built, also known as the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation building:


And here’s more of a ground-level campus view, on Bascom Hill:


Here’s the extremely useful clock in the lobby of the main business school building:


This was my extremely useful rental bike:


I went out to visit some relatives in Fitchburg, south of Madison. These are geese preparing to land on one of their just-harvested corn fields:


And here’s the moon over some not-yet-harvested corn:


As for commenter Kert, who wants to know how I “rank” Madison, all I can say is, highly.