My job is endangered. Is yours?

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Health care, education and financial services–if you’re looking for work in the coming decades, these are the fields to get into.

What are the worst careers you could pick in the 21st century?

The usual suspects. According to the projections by the U.S. government, manufacturing jobs are expected to decline by more than 5% by 2014 as production moves overseas. Same goes for textile workers, such as sewing machine operators, who will see a 36% drop in employment. Technology will kill off more office positions, such as file clerks. They’ll see a 36% drop in their ranks by 2014. Digital cameras will zap the manual photo processing industry by about 30%. And that guy who comes around to read your electric meter? Expect to see a lot less of him, too.

Some surprises: computer programming jobs will increase by only about 2% over the next decade because most of that work will be outsourced. Radio announcers, travel agents (duh) and federal workers are also endangered. But guess who’ll have the toughest time finding her next gig? You know it. Moi.

Another endangered species: journalists. Despite the proliferation of media outlets, newspapers, where the bulk of U.S. reporters work, will cut costs and jobs as the Internet replaces print. While current events will always need to be covered (we hope), the number of reporting positions is expected to grow by just 5% in the coming decade, the Labor Department says. Most jobs will be in small (read: low-paying) markets.

Methinks it’s time to start training as a plumber. Those guys always have work. I think I have a pair of jeans here somewhere that show some crack.