Bloggers who love Ray Hudson move the media world closer to perfection

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I’ve blogged before about the loopy brilliance of Ray Hudson’s soccer commentaries on GolTV, and linked to the Hudson Wikipedia entry in which some of his gems are collected.

But now I’ve learned (via DuNord, who says Grant Wahl told him about) that there’s now a whole friggin’ blog dedicated to “Hudsonia–the Wisdom of Ray Hudson.” Two recent samples (there are also audio links on the site):

The Russians wiped the floor with the most overrated international team, based on the most overrated individual footballers, based out of the most overrated domestic league in world international football – England, the premiership, and the rest of that sorry shower called England. Pathetic. …

Like a Jedi knight. No, better than that, a Templar knight. This is a flash of pure inspiration and let me tip my hat to the genesis of this goal, Ibarra. It’s Ibarra who plays it down the side, it gets pulled back for Lionel. Lionel only absolutely lights it up here. He lifts off it, flamethrowers it past poor Renny Vega, who does everything. It’s just as well Renny didn’t get a hand to that, because it would have taken it off his wrist …

I’ve been talking to lots of folks here at the University of Wisconsin about the future of the media and blogs and all that kinda claptrap, and I imagine such discussions will intensify as I move from the business school–where I spoke to classes Monday and Tuesday–to the journalism school. This Hudsonia thing strikes me as strong evidence that we are getting progressively closer to some sort of new media nirvana, in which every possible informational and amusement need is filled. Of course, I do worry that nobody gets paid in nirvana.