The Gimein mini-era comes to an end, and I return to my addiction

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As you may have already noticed, I’m back after a week of leaving Mark Gimein in charge. It was fun watching this blog–which I’ve been writing for just over a year now–from the outside, and Mark’s eclectic choice of topics was a healthy reminder that there are more interesting things to write about most of the time than mortgages and financial markets.

Even more impressively, Mark succeeded where my months of Netherlandish pandering failed, and finally got the Curious Capitalist into the Dutch-language blogosphere with a link in De nieuwe reporter (to his post about blogging being crack for journalists). Waarom, jongens? Ik ben bereid om in het hollands te schrijven als het moet. En Gimein krijgt de link?

So is blogging crack for journalists? Well, it’s not like I experienced any major withdrawal symptoms last week. But my pace of posting so far today would seem to indicate at least a modestly unhealthy fixation.

Anyway: Thanks, Mark! And come back anytime.