Attention Australian readers: Must-see TV Tuesday night

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Occasional Curious Capitalist commenter Marcus has a documentary TV series, Not Quite Art, premiering Tuesday night at 10:00 on the ABC. No, not that ABC. This ABC. (The Australian one.)

I know this because Marcus and I are Facebook friends and I’ve been getting all the updates, including a link this morning to this rave review in the Sydney Morning Herald. I’ve even been invited to the premiere party at some bar in Melbourne. (Don’t think I’ll make it.) Isn’t social networking just the best?!?

Anyway, it’s possible that Marcus is this blog’s only Australian reader, but because the success of one member of the Curious Capitalist community is the success of all members of the Curious Capitalist community, I figured I should do what I could to promote his show. Plus, maybe it’s not too late for people to get on a plane to Sydney.

Also, there’s supposed to be a video preview of the show on the ABC site. But I can neither link to it nor, it appears, watch it. These Aussies could learn something from Fox Business Channel. (What’s that? An Aussie owns Fox Business Channel? Whatever.)

Update: Thanks to commenter Barry, I can now present the YouTube version of the Not Quite Art preview (warning to non-Australian readers: Marcus has this, like, accent):

Update 2: Episode 1 is now available for download.