Charming Danish customs

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This was at the employment ministry Wednesday. I assumed the sign said “take one” rather than, say, “poison,” so I took one and ate it. Pretty good. And I’m still alive.

I’d heard of the Copenhagen city bike system, where you put in a 20 kroner (about $4) coin to get a bike, then get the money back when you return the bike to one of hundreds of racks around the city. But Wednesday afternoon, when I really could have used one, there was none to be found at any bike rack I saw. Thursday morning I came across the lovely yellow thing pictured below, but didn’t have the right coin and was in too much of a rush to go looking for change. So I really like the idea and all, but as a practical matter it has turned out to be pretty useless. Perhaps I should get myself a 20 kroner piece and hold on to it for life, so on every future visit to Copenhagen I’ll be prepared.


Finally, this woman is killing weeds with a blowtorch: