The secret to Denmark’s economic success: the word “hej”

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The Curious Capitalist is going on a road trip next week to Denmark (because that’s where it’s all happening), and I’ve been studying up on the language. It rocks. This, from Aalborg University “medialogy” professor Jens Arnspang, demonstrates how linguistic efficiency allows Danes to devote valuable brain cells to more important matters:

Good Morning: Hej

Good Midday: Hej

Good Evening : Hej

Hello: Hej

Goodbye: Hej

Happy to see you: Hej

Oh, are you there again: Hej

We met before: Hej

We never met: Hej

What a surprise to see you here: Hej

Oh, I did not expect you back so soon: Hej

Could you do me a favor: Hej

Please don’t interfere here: Hej

Get lost: Hej

Please help me: Hej

I’d like to get to know you: Hej

Would you like to get to know me: Hej

I love you: Hej

Get out of my life: Hej