The ‘It Made Me Miss My Subway Stop’ award

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Every once in a while (more often than really is appropriate, but not what you could call frequently), I look up from what I’m reading in the subway to discover that I’ve missed my stop. Sometimes I’ve even missed two stops.

Anyway, as I rolled into Times Square on the downtown 1 train Monday morning (I was supposed to get off at 50th Street), it occurred to me that I ought to give public praise to the reading material engrossing enough to make me forget I was on the subway.

And so the first winner of the It Made Me Miss My Subway Stop award is …

Jonathan Cohn’s Sick: The Untold Story of America’s Health Care Crisis–and the People Who Pay the Price

in particular Chapter 3, about the history of HMOs and the mean things some HMO did to a nice couple in suburban Austin.