NYC morning: a temple to Apple and a healthcare-reform killer

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AppleI ate breakfast this morning at the Regency Hotel, famed morning meeting place of New York’s political movers and shakers. I’d never eaten there before, and was very excited until I realized that I have no idea what most of New York’s political movers and shakers look like. My only positive IDs were of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and former Lt. Gov. Elizabeth McCaughey, perhaps best known outside the state as the Killer of HillaryCare. (Or, if you prefer, the committer of the “worst journalistic transgression of the past decade.”) I also recognized my breakfast date, United Nations Development Programme chief Kemal Dervis, but only because I’d googled him right before coming over. Anyway, I figured shooting photos of them all with my phone would be rude (and the photos would be terrible), so I took a picture of the Apple store on the way back instead.