Big Paycheck = Happiness? Not.

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We’re undergoing performance evaluations here at TIME, and, although none was offered to me during mine, I believed that a raise that would more than double my salary would erase most if not all of my complaints. But big bucks don’t bring happiness, according to Execunet, which recruits execs:

According to a survey of 2,149 executives with an average salary of $221,000, 48% report they are not satisfied or somewhat unsatisfied with their current job. Among those who are unhappy at work, more than half (52%) are preparing to leave their company within the next 12 months.

How bad can those jobs be? I would take a lot of crap for $221,000. I suppose once you start making that kind of scratch, you eye your neighbor down the street with the Jag and the summers in Mar-a-Lago and think you deserve those things, too. To misquote Sheryl Crow, it’s not about the getting the things you want, it’s about wanting what you got. Or somethin’.