Me, I’ll Take Cash

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How are you rewarded for a job well done?

Where I work, people like me are thanked, occasionally, by a one-line e-mail from the big boss: “Nice article.” I treasure these missives as a court jester might a flower from his queen. Hmm. Put this way, it occurs to me my employer-employee relationship might be a tad dysfunctional.

We are a self-pitying people, and so it follows that few of us believe the world is properly grateful for our blinding talents. According to a new survey by the folks at staffing company OfficeTeam,

More than one-third (35%) of professionals polled recently said businesses are ineffective at rewarding their employees’ strong performance. Thirty percent of managers surveyed agreed.

Not surprisingly, more executives–63%–felt their reward systems were “somewhat effective” than did employees (43%).

OfficeTeam goes on to suggest some rewards, including:

• Say thanks. Don’t underestimate the power of saying “thank you,” either in writing or in person.

• Celebrate achievements. Honor employees’ accomplishments in front of their peers. Staff events recognizing individuals or groups can enhance morale while highlighting exemplary behavior.

• Give the gift of time. Reward staff accomplishments with extra days off or extended lunch breaks. Time away from the office allows staff members to recharge after major projects.

• Provide plum assignments. Give strong performers the option of working on desirable projects. Doing so improves their motivation and enthusiasm for their work, and encourages others to excel in their positions.

Seems reasonable. Me, I’ll take cash.