Pity the rich, for they are very wet

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This is sort of shooting (exotic) fish in a barrel, but here’s a stray comment that recently showed up on my post from a few weeks back about Ari Fleischer’s ridiculous attempt to intimate that rich Americans are paying higher taxes than they did three decades ago (in fact their effective tax rates are down). Writes one Paul Ruedi:

You just don’t get it. Trying to play your little games does not hide reality. Reality is that the rich are getting soaked. They carry all the water for everyone else…always have.

But you have a job to do, so I forgive you. Someday, I hope that you to will join the rich crowd. Then, when you too are mugged (by the tax man), you will only then begin to understand.

I greatly appreciate the forgiveness. But I do wonder how it is that, if the rich “carry all the water for everyone else,” they keep getting “soaked.” Do they spill the water on themselves? Pour it over their heads? Bathe in it? Someday, when I join the rich crowd, I will surely understand.