Murdoch’s hands-on style

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Today’s Journal has an interesting article, apparently available to all, examining Rupert Murdoch’s history as a newspaper editor:

Andrew Neil, a former editor of the Sunday Times, says Mr. Murdoch would likely make changes to the Journal if his bid was successful. “I think he would want the news to be informed by the editorial agenda,” he says.

“He is quite interventionist but he gives more latitude to his quality newspapers than his tabloids. He realizes for quality newspapers you can’t just hire people you boss around,” he adds. “To survive, you have to be on the same planet as Rupert but you don’t have to be on the same continent.”

Update: In another dispatch sure to rile the Rupert-haters among you, my former Fortune colleague David Kirkpatrick weighs in:

I think the trophy is the online business. Of course, Murdoch knows how to run papers as well as anybody. And he will take control of the Journal with gusto I’m sure (and I suspect, contrary to what many say, with respect for its editorial independence and traditions). But this is also the man, more than others in his generation who run big media companies, who has shown he understands how deeply the media world is changing as the Internet’s grip grows stronger. And Murdoch’s big-picture view is the key to his success and greatness.