Big game tomorrow: Australia vs. Sri Lanka

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As this blog’s focus increasingly shifts to matters Australian, I figured I should check out the homepage of The Australian to see what’s up down there. There I learned that the cricket World Cup final is tomorrow (well, the people at The Australian think it’s “tonight”; they would, wouldn’t they). I’d totally stopped paying attention to the World Cup after India got knocked out (and the murder of Pakistan’s coach had soured me somewhat before then). I had no idea the end was upon us.

Anyway, it’s Australia battling it out with Sri Lanka in Barbados tomorrow for the Championship of the World. Ricky Ponting’s murderers’ row of batsmen against the Greatest Bowler on the Planet, Muttiah Muralitharan. “Annihilate Murali,” reads the charming headline in The Australian.

Here’s how Cricinfo blogger Mukul Kesevan sees it all ending:

Ponting wins the toss and puts Sri Lanka in on a fast Barbadian track. Big mistake. Jayasuriya and Sanagakkara failed at the right time, the match before. So they’re due big scores and they get them. Then Tharanga and Mahela fool everyone by beating the odds and doing it all over again. Lightning strikes twice, Atlantis surfaces and McGrath goes for 60 in eight overs. 289 for 2 this time. By the time the innings ends, it’s past my bedtime and I sleep through Murali and Malinga’s Punch and Judy show. When I wake up in the morning, they’ve won.

(No, I didn’t understand any of it but the last sentence, either.)

Update: Australia win. Or if you prefer, Australia wins.