The health care solution: Put another shrimp on the barbie

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I just got finished moderating a panel at the World Healthcare Congress in Washington, featuring Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris, GE Healthcare CEO Joe Hogan, and futurist/consultant/Scotsman Ian Morrison. A major conclusion was that we should all be more like Australians (Liveris is a native of Darwin; Morrison has spent a lot of time Down Under), leave work at 5, and go to the beach. Morrison advised that we all throw away our Blackberries. Yeah, that’s really gonna happen.

Beyond that I wasn’t able to write down many notes, because I was, you know, moderating. But I did get this fun fact down from GE’s Hogan: GE’s worldwide health care costs run about $2.5 billion a year. GE Healthcare’s profits are about $2.5 billion a year. “We call it the natural hedge,” he said.