Ron Wyden says our health care system is a popsicle

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Now I’m listening to Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden do a Q&A here at the World Health Care Congress in D.C. “The employer-based health system is melting like a popsicle on a summer sidewalk,” he says.

Wyden unveiled his plan for universal health insurance in December, and he feels like the wind is at his back. In 1993, he says, the view in the business community “was that they couldn’t afford health-care reform.” Now, “the view is they can’t afford the status quo.” So when can we expect some legislative action? 2009, sayeth the senator.

None of this is news, I know. But Wyden’s plan, which basically involves extending the current health plan for members of Congress to the nation as a whole–and removing responsibility for health insurance from employers–is simple and smart. And Wyden knows a whole lot about this stuff. He should be getting more press.

Next up: Wal Mart’s Lee Scott.