More Action in Video Resumes

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The country’s biggest job board is plunging into the vidumé (thanks, Gerry) scene. This week it announced plans to “be the first major online job site to launch a new video résumé service, enabling job seekers to enhance their online applications with videos highlighting their qualifications, accomplishments and other key information.”

Not sure yet how this product qualifies them as “first,” considering Jobster’s and Vault’s already existing vidumé capabilities. CareerBuilder’s Video BrandBuilder launches in the second quarter, which, for us non-analysts, means late spring/early summer.

CareerBuilder did introduce video functionality for employers in September 2006. Employers can purchase 60-second or 90-second videos “featuring footage of their work environment, products, benefits, mission, community involvement and more to attract qualified applicants.”

And this is kinda cool: CareerBuilder offers “script creation, a videographer shoot of multiple locations, full editing with transitional effects, animation, professional voice-over and music background.”

According to a late 2006 Harris Interactive survey sponsored by CareerBuilder:

• 60% of over 2,200 hiring managers and human resource professionals expressed some interest in viewing video résumés of potential candidates.

• Nearly half (49%) of over 6,000 workers expressed some willingness to post a video resume of themselves to capture the attention of prospective employers.

Video BrandBuilder packages are to include

end-to-end video creation; conversion and streaming of all videos to’s patent-pending One-Click format; full streaming from’s dedicated video services for 12 months; and a DVD copy in broadcast quality.