Dull lights, medium-sized city

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I’m spending today in Washington getting “briefed” by various Bush Administration types as part of something called the Young Global Leaders U.S. Policy Roundtable. Because, dontcha know, I am a Young Global Leader. It’s all supposed to be off the record except for talks by Condi Rice and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nick Burns, and as a 43-year-old with no followers that I know of I figure my grasp on Young Global Leader status is tenuous enough that I’d better not break the rules. So I probably won’t post much today.

But I can share some of my brilliant photography. (No, I don’t actually think it’s brilliant photography. This is brilliant photography.) Above is the Capitol, shot from North Capitol Street late last night. Below is the Swiss ambassador’s groovy new residence, where we Young Global Leaders tamely partied earlier in the evening.


Oh, and how about some Connecticut Avenue tulips: