Bing has a blog

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The first post went up a couple of hours ago. A sample:

Blogging is different than writing qua writing. In writing, for instance, you often need something to say. Not so with a blog. In fact, the best blogs are lovely hot air balloons rising over the teeming landscape of digital avatars rushing about, to and fro, waving their arms and shouting.

Bing, for those who don’t know him, is Stanley Bing, the pseudonym for a guy in a reasonably responsible position at a corporation based a few blocks north of here who writes a reasonably funny humor column for Fortune. Practically everybody in New York media knows who he is, and I’m tempted to out him here, but it just seems un-corporate-citizenly of me. So I’ll let his Wikipedia entry do the job for me.

And yeah, I know should be waving my arms and shouting at this point. Just not in the mood.