Buy Ken Lay’s Desk!

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We’ve heard about the $6,000 shower curtains and the gilded umbrella stand. So we’re not exactly gobsmacked to hear former Enron head Kenneth Lay’s office was decked out in similarly tasteful style.

Now you, too, can experience the sensation of steering a multibillion-dollar corporation into the ground! You–yes, you–can buy the late Mr. Lay’s desk on eBay for the low, low starting bid of $25,000.

Ken Lay made poor corporate decisions here!!! / Saving Animals Across Borders

The auction is being held by Saving Animals Across Borders, a nonprofit animal protection organization to whom the custom furnishings were donated. Don’t ask me why. Ken Lay–founder, chairman and CEO of Enron–used the one-of-a-kind design from 1987 through 2002 (Richard Kinder and Jeffrey Skilling also had their own). Says the organization in a press release:

The desks were designed by Gensler Architects and fabricated by Brochstein’s, one of the nation’s premiere manufacturers of custom architectural furniture. According to Brochstein’s, the desks, with an elegant Makore Pommelle veneer, would cost well into five figures to replicate today, in addition to the iconic value and the historical significance of the pieces.

Hear that? They’d cost well into the five figures to replicate today! But they can be yours for–let’s say it again–the low, low starting bid of $25,000!

Never mind that Lay and Skilling were convicted in May 2006 for masterminding an accounting fraud that led to the crash and burn of Enron in 2001. Never mind that the two men symbolize Satan for the thousands of Enron workers whose jobs and pensions evaporated, and for countless investors whose savings went poof.

It’s for a good cause! All proceeds will go toward Saving Animals’ programs to help animals and community improvement. The group is apparently in such dire need that the desk is currently being used to house some of the dogs as well as a human volunteer:

Homeless dogs slept here!!! / Saving Animals Across Borders

The charity began on eBay March 16 and will conclude on March 26. So hurry! Click here!