Weekend reading: Becks as a (shrilly yapping) manager

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Since I’ve already established that David Beckham is an appropriate topic for a business and economics blog, I thought I’d share this, from the Guardian blog of hairy English pop-culture phenomenon Russell Brand. Brand, like me a West Ham fan (but unlike me a genuine one, with a season ticket and all), has visions of Becks spurning the LA Galaxy to take charge of his currently flailing hometown team:

Who could know or dare to dream what uncharted depths of management skill lurk beneath his immaculately tanned facade? What cleft, disrupted dressing room could fail to be inspired by the spectacle of an incandescent Beckham yapping shrill damnations and commands whilst nimbly flicking boots into the craniums of dissenters?

Anyway, it was the “yapping shrill damnations” that got me. And now that I’ve established that I can write about foreign sporting stars even when there are no economic implications, there’s no telling where this will stop. Next up: the Cricket World Cup! (I’m serious.)