Blogging about blogging about blogging about blogging about talking about blogging

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This is great! My (mostly) joking riff on the Mainstream Blogosphere caught the attention of certified Mainstream Blogger Ezra Klein. Then our own MSBer-in-the-making Joe Klein, sitting at home around midnight, “major league vodka” in hand, wrote a post about the other Klein’s post about my post.

Ezra’s point was that he had some understanding for why the rise of the blogosphere had so unsettled established journalists:

… in this new medium–which their editors and marketing folks keep telling them they need to compete in–they’ve lost a lot of the security they once had.

Joe’s response was that he’s always been crazy insecure, so what’s new? I think I’m with Ezra on this one. Beyond all the whining about bloggers saying mean things about us journalists is a lot of financial and career insecurity that wasn’t there a decade ago. (Or maybe I just think that because a decade ago I didn’t have a kid and Mrs. Curious Capitalist was the family breadwinner.)

That said, blogging (especially blogging about blogging) is certainly more fun than actually working.

Update: My blogerrific wife informs me that Joe’s post is now the talk of the MSB. And the comments to Joe’s post are fascinating. But unlike Ezra, Joe didn’t link back to my post (maybe that’s why they call Ezra the “Good Klein“), so I’m getting nothing. %$#* MSM! By the way, I strongly agree with the commenter who thinks Joe should replace his vodka with “a good cognac or whisky.”

Anyway, perhaps it’s time I went back to writing about “the economy, the markets, and the strange ways of business.” Although journalism is a business.