Blogging about … aw, forget it

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The major league Klein-on-Klein discussion on blogging that I inadvertently instigated continues apace.

Anyway, it’s not my discussion anymore, but I’ve got two final things to say:

1) Both those Klein guys were born to blog.

2) I remember pretty clearly that, in Who Will Tell People (I can’t give an exact quote because my copy is at home and I’m not), Bill Greider writes wistfully about how, when he was starting out as a journalist in Louisville, any crazy (or entirely sane) guy off the street could walk in and harangue the editors and reporters. Then, as his career progressed, the newsrooms he worked in became ever more impregnable. Now we’ve still all got security guards downstairs to keep out the riff raff, but beyond that the established media have become far more open (and open to challenge) than when Greider write that book in 1992. And I don’t have a problem with that.

Update: More about Bill Greider, newspaper security guards, and how blogs are saving America here.