The Curious Capitalist makes it into Keith Kelly

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So there it is in Keith Kelly’s column in today’s New York Post, the news that this blog (which has probably had about 10 readers in the past month, since I ‘ve had my head in a book and haven’t been posting) is leaving (and for Kelly fails to mention that I’m also leaving Fortune magazine to write a weekly business and economics column (working title: “The Curious Capitalist”) for Time. But hey, print’s dead, right?

Actually, I sort of thought the latter news was more important, given that I’ve been writing this blog since September and I’ve been at Fortune for almost 11 years. Plus I’m told a few million people still read Time magazine. On paper!

Anyway, yes, this blog is moving to (And I’m making the big, scary move today from the 15th floor of the Time & Life Building to the 24th.) The current plan is to maintain some ties with CNNMoney, but I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to work or what my URL will be at In any case, you can always find the blog at Not that I’ll be posting a lot before the week of Jan. 22. Still got that book to finish first.